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With four 22-nozzle sprayheads, WaterTile Square Rain overhead showering panels provide luxurious water delivery that even Mother Nature would envy. Four fully adjustable and pivoting square sprayheads distribute a relaxing shower of water that simulates a gentle summer rain.



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  • Panel utilizes an integrated system of four 22-nozzle, fully adjustable sprayheads for stimulating hydrotherapy.
  • Low-profile design complements any decor.
  • MasterClean™ sprayface is easy to clean.
  • 0.6 gpm (gallons per minute) maximum flow rate from each sprayhead for a maximum combined flow of 2.4 gpm (gallons per minute)
  • 1/2-inch NPT connections.



  • KOHLER finishes resist corrosion and tarnishing.



  • Ceiling-mount
  • Soldering template included for ease of installation.

WaterTile® | overhead shower panel with four 22-nozzle sprayheads

SKU: K-98740
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