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Experience the gentle buildup of a warm summer rainstorm in your shower. The Rain Real overhead panel is designed with a water reservoir that relies on gravity to shape individual drops that replicate rainfall. When the reservoir fills, water spills into the remainder of the showerhead, covering over 775 nozzles, and raindrops begin to fall softly and slowly then grow in strength and speed until the shower feels, sounds, and looks like a warm summer rain. Push a button and the Deluge feature releases a reservoir of water in one powerful instant to simulate an energetic burst of heavy rain.



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  • Panel contains 775 silicone concave nozzles.
  • 2.0 gpm flow rate.
  • Deluge function delivers approximately 0.5 gallons of water in 8 seconds at the push of a button.
  • Deluge function is actuated with Real Rain Diverter Valve (in manual showers) or can be actuated directly with the DTV+ system.
  • Center of the panel is designed as a rain-free zone to keep user's face dry and encourage easy breathing during regular use. Deluge function flows from center of the panel when actuated.



  • 19"x19" silicone panel provides wide coverage area with easy-to-clean nozzles.



  • Mount flush to the surface of a drop ceiling.
  • Easy-mount bracket and two panel system improve the installation process.
  • Z-Bracket contains four leveling nuts to simplify installation.
  • Real Rain Overhead Panel has 1/2" NPT Male water supply inlet.
  • If using DTV+ system the user interface must be 99693-P-NA (99693-NA does not contain Real Rain Software).
  • If using DTV Prompt system must include Real Rain Diverter Valve and Trim (K-76746 and K-76748) to actuate Deluge function.

Real Rain® | Overhead panel

SKU: K-76728
Finish: White
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